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a truncated cone or pyramid

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That is called generative design, and that is what Frustum does."
21 November 2018 - US-based computer aided design software specialist PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) has acquired US-based engineering software provider Frustum Inc for approximately USD 70m, the company said.
Frustum culling is an approach in which only visible parts are rendered [1].
At the same time, he presented another model for the pile anchors with the failure surface of cone frustum in cohesionless soil.
The method consisted of filling a cylindrical frustum with the material to be tested in a specified way; lifting the frustum off and allowing the material to collapse under its weight.
As footings for the columns or rafts of the tower shafts, the conical footing will not be the full cone, but the frustum of a cone (truncated cone).
As defined in Figure 2 due to explosion on the ground, power absorbed by the building with spherical form is equal to 11600N that it absorbed the most value of explosion and represented the worst behavior versus explosion; afterwards, the building with conical form absorbed a power equals 9500N and finally, the best function was presented by the building with frustum form which absorbed the pressure value of 5800N.
Part of the virtual terrain visible in the frustum defined by the distances zNear and zFar is rendered in the camera image.
The near and far clipping plane of the virtual camera view frustum was set to 500 mm and 10500 mm respectively.
We demonstrate experimentally that a two-dimensional (2D) quadrangular frustum pyramid (QFP) absorber in the wavelength range from 500 nm to 2300 nm.
The shape of selected sample surface is a conical frustum with base radius of 273 mm, top radius of 236 mm and height of 333 mm.
For microrover use, a full 180[degrees] of view (horizon to horizon) can be covered by four photodiodes attached to the frustum of square pyramid [19, 20].