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Synonyms for frustration

Synonyms for frustration

the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals


an act of hindering someone's plans or efforts

a feeling of annoyance at being hindered or criticized

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Keywords: Frustration, Unemployment, Poverty, Criminal Activities
To summarize, empirical evidence is available on the association between need satisfaction and relationship satisfaction, and a conceptual distinction is made between the satisfaction and the frustration of one's relational needs.
We don't get a lot of decisions our way on a match day, so what we don't want is that frustration spilling out onto the players.
Moreover, those who were frustrated by the catastrophe of 1948 had relied on military regimes as a reaction, only for the setback, less than two decades later, to occur and reproduce their frustration as despair.
Frustration piled upon frustration with an added layer of frustration.
Other studies have shown that blocking people from achieving their positive goals increases frustration, which is not surprising, but this is the first to demonstrate that even denying people the chance to commit forbidden behaviors can increase frustration.
The problem is a classic case of barrier frustration, as both dogs--thwarted by something they can see and hear but can't touch or interact with--escalate their responses beyond normal behavior.
Any gestures that are done by way of unilateral declaration, they are expressions of frustration and they may be understandable for that reason but they don't deliver a Palestinian state," he said.
And frustration is all the more reason to slow down and pay attention.
Harvey and co-author Kenneth Harris, assistant professor of management at Indiana University Southeast, investigated behavior of workers who feel entitled and how their behavior affects job-related emotions, such as frustration.
Paul Harvey and co-author Kenneth Harris studied behavior of workers who felt entitled and how their behavior affected job-related emotions, such as frustration.
But viewers saw a gesture of frustration - and lip-readers were treated to a few choice words - when he went off with 20 minutes left of the 1-0 win over Tenerife.
In New Orleans, I was particularly struck by the moments of frustration that occurred in our group as the city we were studying failed in various ways to make sense, and I would like to use these moments of frustration as an occasion for reflection on what it is like to learn in the experiential method that City as Text promotes.
I sometimes understand the frustration when we take a short corner and don't keep it or don't put it in.