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Synonyms for frustrating

discouraging by hindering

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preventing realization or attainment of a desire

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But that's just the way I play the game, I'm competitive, I want to try and get wickets and when the day is a frustrating one like this, it can get a little bit frustrating.
It was frustrating, but actually if you break the day down and the session down, it was 90 for four that session.
Vijay's fourth Test century was his first outside India and came on the back of a frustrating 97 against South Africa.
When the dust settled, it was a little bit frustrating but you realise then that we still have a home game against Sweden and are away to Austria, and we feel that we can go and win those games.
Children periodically underwent tests that assessed their language skills and their ability to cope with frustrating tasks.
But the Nottinghamshire seamer said: "I thought we stuck to our task well, it was very frustrating and we felt we deserved a few more wickets.
Summary: England look to be heading for defeat after a frustrating third day in the fourth and final Test against South Africa.
It was frustrating for him, but we have to go around that stuff, we have to play beyond it.
com said time spent on the phone to call centres was the most frustrating form of "domestic drudgery".
The Last Heathen manages to be almost, but not quite magisterial and almost but not quite frustrating.
His limited insider's view of the proceedings are at times hilarious, but most often frustrating as they describe situations that are silly if not downright stupid.
Minor deficiencies were frustrating equipment and were easily corrected .
I have experienced road grids ranging from California to the Congo, and I have to admit that Japan has one of the best in terms of maintenance, organization and fluidity--as crowded, expensive and occasionally frustrating as it is.
Then when an appeal or secondary claim is necessary, a time-intensive and frustrating search for the EOB is not required.
By the time Kranz finally took off in his first jet fighter the Korean War had come and gone, and he found himself in a frustrating aviation limbo where pilots were many and combat opportunities were few.