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Synonyms for frumpish

quite outmoded or unfashionable


Synonyms for frumpish

primly out of date

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Consequently, Sally remained awkward and frumpish. Her brown hair was straight and stringy, and her clothes looked like the uniform at a Cracker Barrel.
(This was a new departure for the press, which usually dismisses the movement as humorless, frumpish and puritanical.) In her Village Voice report on the gala, Sharon Lerner, a terrific feminist journalist, is unhappy that the actresses featured at the Garden event prefer the v-word to the f-word.
While she is growing up a bit more, she is usually seen to be at her "work" in the drawing room, under the eye of her other aunt, frumpish Mrs.
They seemed a nice enough crowd, nobody very stylish and some of the women looking positively frumpish. Sandra shuddered.
It was meant to be that exciting time helping my sister in law to be to look for dresses but just ended in me feeling fat frumpish and bloated.
Meanwhile KELLY BROOK (right) wore a rather dodgy pair of frumpish denim hotpants as she arrived to perform in Sheffield on the Strictly UK tour.
She's joined in the film by Australian actress Toni Collette, who plays her frumpish, serious and hard-working sister.
She's joined in the film by Australian actress Toni Collette (best known for star turns in Muriel's Wedding and The Sixth Sense) who plays her frumpish, serious and hard-working sister.
Theresa May's shoes say everything you need to know about the Tory party these days: they're flat, they're frumpish and most of us wouldn't be seen dead in them
The rear end, for instance, is now sharper, ditching the almost frumpish appearance of its predecessor.
Dressed down in frumpish clothes, Carre is impressive in a tightly wound perf as Claire, communicating the sheer physical effort her character sometimes needs to form words.
NEVER Been Kissed casts one-time wild child Drew Barrymore (pictured right) as a frumpish dreamer who holds out the hope of one day graduating from being office nerd to hot-shot reporter.
Her Majesty needs to get rid of the dowdy, frumpish clothes seen on her recent tours of India and Pakistan.
Antonia is fortune's darling, Jane her long-suffering frumpish foil.
This poor kid is following in her mother's over-dressed but frumpish footsteps.