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in an unproductive manner

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When the home side, replying to 429, reached 164 without loss half an hour after tea, the Bears were toiling fruitlessly while the match headed towards a high-scoring draw.
India, the sixth largest consumer of electricity, is fruitlessly trying to bridge the gap between demand and supply since decades to achieve high rates of growth on sustainable basis, said Dr.
People on the scene began fleeing while Kocak was frantically, yet fruitlessly, trying to dampen the shooting flames.
The owners decided to launch Artisan after their own attempt to find an adequate display gallery of "past work" done by contractors in their area of Orange County, California, fruitlessly dragged on and on for hours to no avail.
I might cast fruitlessly for half an hour, but when a big fish finally blows up on the plug, it's all worthwhile.
She's never going to see them worried sick about becoming unemployed or being labelled a benefit scrounger as they fruitlessly search for jobs which aren't there.
The Kush originated more than three years ago when Ben (drums), John (sax) and Peter (guitar) furiously wrote and recorded and fruitlessly auditioned singers and bassists.
Well, for the jobless searching fruitlessly for work or the council worker with a much diminished pay packet, the recession is still very real.
While millions of Americans were waiting in unemployment lines, or fruitlessly searching for job leads, a funny thing happened to the Obama administration's methodology for counting jobs allegedly "created or saved" by the expenditure of stimulus money: It went away.
Very soon the wizened little muscle man that is Christophe Pieux was pumping fruitlessly on the favourite, and as Geraghty and Punchestowns took over Walsh was getting a response, but was having to row Big Buck's along as if the tide was against him.
After fruitlessly trying to educate me on e-mailing, one daughter sent an e-mail to Ken Minyard, my favorite morning radio guy at the time.
Confused after fruitlessly scouring the Walkers Crisps map, it has concluded the Welsh Assembly Government was pulling its leg?
In the third quarter Stour stormed Hellfire Corner fruitlessly, including when they opted for penalty line outs there in vain, so eventually petty had anther pot at gaol after 55 minutes and succeeded.
Coming so soon after the murder of Peter Woodhams - who was killed by thugs despite appealing fruitlessly to police over a previous attack - the death of Colette is another shocking example of the police failing to protect innocent people.
Rather than fruitlessly try to change someone's behavior, Don't Just Do Something, Stand There