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Synonyms for fruitfulness

Synonyms for fruitfulness

the quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth

the intellectual productivity of a creative imagination

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However, there is no information about the bud fruitfulness of 'Niagara Rosada' grafted onto the rootstocks commonly used in Brazil, such as 'Riparia do Traviu', 'IAC 766', 'IAC 572', 'IAC 313' and 'IAC 571-6'.
The completeness of the metaphor lies in the subsequent miracle, the transformation of the communicants into greater Christ-likeness and fruitfulness in Jesus.
Married couples are sinners, like us all, but they want to go forward in faith, in fruitfulness, in their children and their children's faith.
As a part of the festive atmosphere of the event, each guest received at the entrance a traditional Bulgarian Martenitsa--a symbol of health, happiness and fruitfulness.
She brings fresh insight into the intimacy and fruitfulness that result from a deeper walk with God.
A spokesman for Trinchero Family Estates noted that the clone has some of the most reliable fruitfulness and distinctiveness of all Chardonnay clones.
Some of the topics include sacramental marriage as a testimony of faith in a secular world, the Christian family as a domestic church, living marriage and "doing" the trinity, loving one's partner as God loves God, love and patience, strangers in communion, the beloved remains the Other, marriage as a sacrament for the road, how marriage makes you more like God, the many fruitfulness of conjugal love, how one can salvage a relationship, a gift for life, mystery within the mundane, time and marriage, the art of growing old, and stick-ability.
Based on research gathered during the past few years in Oregon, weather was found to be only a small part of the story when it comes to fruitfulness and fruit set.
The result is a wine with lush minerality and fruitfulness, a light and bright finish, yet relatively low alcohol content.
CHAMPIONSHIPLEAGUE 10.30am AUTUMN'S here and it could be the start of a season of mellow fruitfulness if you back Andy Hamilton at 25-1 in the opening salvo of the Championship League, writes Steve Davies.
"Bob's amazing life and ministry, his ready smile and encouragement and courage-will be a constant reminder to all of us that this is what faithfulness and fruitfulness look like.
10 million as one time grant for the centre keeping its fruitfulness and financial constraints of the institute.
"Adding potassium (high potash) fertiliser to the weed-free area at the base of the tree can help harden growth and promote fruitfulness."
THE season of mists and mellow fruitfulness brings the best produce to the larder and the table.