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Synonyms for fruitfulness

Synonyms for fruitfulness

the quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth

the intellectual productivity of a creative imagination

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Pinot Noir has relatively low fruitfulness, defined as the number of inflorescences per shoot.
It is almost made for the season of mellow fruitfulness, and the seafood combined with autumn vegetables.
the Father and Son, carrying forward its fruitfulness.
Images of two trees of life and palm trees indicating fruitfulness and another mythological image representing winged animals are positioned on both sides of the painting, while at the top a picture of two white doves epitomizes peace.
This common understanding is crucial to the fruitfulness of programs such as the VSA that aim to evaluate institutional effectiveness.
Exchanging Eternal Peace for Eternal Strife The fruitfulness of the
The reason for this is a change in hormonal balance, in favor of fruitfulness, that occurs when branches are bent to the horizontal.
The connection of these two phases of experience measures the fruitfulness or value of the experience.
Faith Gabelnick never lost her own faith in the fruitfulness of the educational enterprise.
Our hoped-for harvest is not cut off in its prime through accidents and illness, but in the new heaven/new earth true fruitfulness will result in harvest abundant.
Rinaldi observes that Alberti's metaphor of fruitfulness echoes the preface of Ermolao Barbaro's version of Aesop; and that his dedicatee, Francesco Marescalco, links the author to Leonello d'Este and Poggio Bracciolini.
Although John Keats waxed poetic about Autumn as the "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness," the change of seasons at TEI brought a not-so-mellow flurry of technical activities.
In short; by all means eat of the fruit, but take care not to destroy the fruitfulness.
Lemke's treatment of "The Black Book" is also of interest, largely because of the fruitfulness of her counterpointing of the collections by Locke and Cunard.
I believe that he is wrong on all counts, even with regard to his analysis of fruitfulness, but let's focus on simplicity and fruitfulness.