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Synonyms for fruitcake

a whimsically eccentric person

a rich cake containing dried fruit and nuts and citrus peel and so on

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Lizzie Meek, of the New Zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust, said "Finding such a perfectly-preserved fruitcake in amongst the last handful of unidentified and severely corroded tins was quite a surprise.
org/pages/100-year-old-fruit-cake-found-in-antarcticas-oldest-building#) found the fruitcake among artifacts from the (http://www.
It is heartwarming to know that her recipe, which took a good six months to develop, inspired by a trip to Switzerland where she tasted for the first time a fruitcake that she enjoyed, is still around today.
As part of the celebrations, and to honour the WI's expertise and heritage in baking and cooking, the NFWI launched a competition amongst members to find the best fruitcake recipe.
Instead, Cool Science is featuring its unique mix of fun and science in its Mini Fruitcake Toss dedicated to kids.
All the pieces in "Fruitcakes'' may fit together in unwieldy ways at times, much like fruitcake itself, but director Cindy Richard does a good job of making those disparate parts appropriately funny and moving as needed.
The fans have feelings," said the gobby old fruitcake, "and if they aren't happy with what is going on, the manager gets the bullet.
Accused, in that traditional way of politicians discussing important matters of state, of being a "fruitcake", David TC Davies launched a defence of fruitcakes.
To be fair to Mr Farage's rivals, no-one ever expects to face an enemy called Nigel, especially one who likes beer and fags and saying all the things you thought you weren't allowed to say anymore, and all three have blown their defence budgets on finding out that smearing him in fruitcake has no effect.
Manches five Balotel d The description says it all - a fruitcake that costs too much.
At 570 metres, the traditional German fruitcake will go on sale at the Central Galleria in the Mall of the Emirates.
The Stollen cake, a festive variety of the traditional German fruitcake, is the largest to date made by the Kempinski's pastry chefs and will be publicly displayed at the Mall of the Emirates' Galleria from 10:00 on Friday 14 December.
The Royal couple had a traditional multi-tiered fruitcake with cream and white piping, designed by British baker Fiona Cairns, for their wedding.
The Prince of Wales is really at the fruitcake end" - David Colquhoun, professor of pharmacology at University College London.
With Christmas comes fruitcake, and if it comes from the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, it "is not the infamous fruitcake of doorstop jokes," according to Madeline Scherb in A Taste of Heaven: A Guide to Food and Drink Made by Monks and Nuns (Penguin).