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a coin-operated gambling machine that produces random combinations of symbols (usually pictures of different fruits) on rotating dials

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When they are not playing on the fruit machines, the pair go off on day trips - though timekeeping can be a challenge.
A BANDIT who smashed his way into fruit machines in a series of late-night heists at pubs and clubs was caught after accidentally leaving behind clues.
Landa is a former associate of East London's Kray twins, who relocated to the North East to set up his fruit machine business, Social Club Services, and owned a string of nightclubs in Newcastle.
A cashier stole PS8,000 from the shop where she worked to feed her addiction to fruit machines, a court has heard.
Noel Lacey, 40, and Adam Power, 38, targeted the Unicorn pub in Alspath Lane, Coventry during their reign of terror in which they stole PS30,000 from fruit machines in 32 licenced premises across the country.
At that point Mrs Brunskill claims she was pushed by an officer into the fruit machine in a passage inside the club.
A This is a tricky one because, like the fruit machine I've written about above, this is a bulky, very heavy item to store and display.
GALA FUN: Manning the human fruit machine are, from left, Clr Edgar Holroyd-Doveton, Thomas Sanford and Clr Terry Lyons (AC060811Bhonl-01)
My playlist will also feature The Ting Tings' stunning debut Fruit Machine and another great first single from Vampire Weekend called Mansard Roof.
UK-based mobile services provider Telecom One has announced that the most frequently downloaded mobile game for the month of November 2003 was Fruit Machine.
These dance down a labyrinth of pins, most to disappear, but a few may lodge in a device that activates a sort of fruit machine, which in propitious circumstances releases balls to players.
Gambling might be a game of luck, but a little financial management can tip the odds in your favour, as trainee accountant Darren Poulton from Cheshunt found out when he scooped almost 60 [pounds sterling] on a fruit machine and 300,000 [pounds sterling] on the national lottery last month.
Neill Whiston's new Fruit Machine finished fifth, a single point ahead of Envy which was having her first race for owner Anthony Dickson after sailing as Barking Mad in Hamilton Island.
It was reported by Griffiths (1990a, b, c) that many regular fruit machine gamblers believe their actions to be, in part, skilful and that the introductio of specialist play features (e.
2 Roadster was implicated in the 1967 One-armed Bandit murder, where fruit machine business employee Angus Sibbet was shot dead.