fruit grower

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someone who grows fruit commercially

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by Lee Dean, Editorial Director Fruit Growers News, Vegetable Growers News, Spudinan, Fresh Cut
But I would also advise all fruit growers to invest in soil nutrient analysis, as healthy soil is essential for optimum productivity levels.
Ripe deal: A Midland firm is producing strawberry harvesting equipment for a Herefordshire fruit grower.
In 1921, the California Fruit Growers Exchange (CFGE), a marketing cooperative organized as a corporation, sold $121,000,000 worth of citrus fruit to the wholesale trade.
Great American Media Service publishes Fruit Growers News, Vegetable Growers News, Spudman and Fresh Cut magazines.
Many a fruit grower will despair when a cold snap brings a late spring frost.
Meister Media publishes American/Western Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower, Florida Grower, Greenhouse Grower and Today's Garden Center magazines, web sites and e-newsletters.
Ajit Singh, a fruit grower, said that most of the growers are happy with the timely snowfall this year and they hope that the snow would not melt early.
Otto is a horticulturist and fruit grower who lives in Michigan.
As a second generation fruit grower and company leader, Van Well said he is looking forward to the third generation stepping in.
That's what makes American Fruit Grower magazine, now in its 126th year, its sister publication, Western Fruit Grower, and American Vegetable Grower magazine--entering its 100th year--the established national voices for America's fruit and vegetable producers, says Joe Monahan, Managing Dir for the National Horticulture Group at its parent company, Meister Media Worldwide.
London, September 24 (ANI): A fruit grower in Britain has found a golden delicious apple split exactly half green, half red down the middle.
Oneonta, a 75-year-old fruit grower, packer and shipper, has begun work on a 9,500-square-foot building on the north side of its current Wenatchee location.
The growing awareness of the provenance of foods and the preference to boy British has hampered the expansion plans of French fruit grower Blue Whale, particularly when it comes to apples.
Joe Monahan, group publisher of Greenhouse Grower, Today's Garden Center, American Vegetable Grower, and American Fruit Grower, has been promoted to managing director of the horticulture division, the position vacated by Miller.