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a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice

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Additionally, JUS Fruit Drinks is available in lemon and garden mint, pineapple and red grape & berries.
TriVita markets 32-ounce bottles of the "prickly pear" fruit drink, derived from the Nopal cactus, for up to $39.
A total of 1,900 respondents with missing responses to either the regular soda or fruit drink questions were excluded, leaving an analytic sample of 113,391 adults.
As health conscious consumers look to cut down on the amount of alcohol they consume, Del Monte is capitalising on the growing opportunity for non-alcoholic alternatives with a range of versatile, premium fruit drinks that primarily target adults looking for sophisticated flavours.
The civic body's Food Control Department, which seized thousands of contaminated bottles of the popular fruit drink following reports of high levels of fungi in the drink in different emirates, also assured that the Vimto drinks available in the market are safe for consumption.
30 July 2010 - Swedish biotechnology R&D company Probi AB (STO: PROB) said Thursday it signed a ten-year licence agreement to provide its Lp299v technology to French food group Danone (EPA: BN) to be used in probiotic fruit drinks and fruit juices outside North America.
Researchers gave 34 overweight men and women breakfast (two slices of toast with margarine and jam) with two glasses of either nonfat milk or a fruit drink (water plus enough fruit juice concentrate to equal the calories in the nonfat milk).
The report found that 100 percent fruit juice declined at a faster rate than fruit drinks in 2007, at -3.
Become a smoothie operator with our top guide to the best - and healthiest - fruit drinks around
A LIVERPOOL company that has produced a fruit drink that keeps the heart healthy has signed a deal to develop the active ingredient for use in other products.
A GERMAN fruit juice and fruit drink company has failed to persuade the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to allow the trademarking of its stand-up pouch packaging shapes.
Limestar Fruit Drink, 700ml Sour Cherry and Vodka was pounds 4.
FRUIT drink manufacturer Vimto is searching for young writers to contribute a five-line verse as part of National Poetry Week.
According to Meyers, "GNC Smoothies take a healthy frozen fruit drink to new heights through proprietary formulas including ginseng, whey protein, MetRx, Scan*Diet and ArginMax.
Executives at Young & Rubicam, an ad agency, are tickling your senses with a sweet-smelling ad, hoping you'll get a craving for a fruit drink called "Citrus Twist Batik.