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organs of fruiting (especially the reproductive parts of ferns and mosses)

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Fructification of the oak Quercus humboldtii in the study area showed two peaks, one from April to June and the other from August to December, which correspond to the two peaks of rainfall.
The outings are performed from the 5th April 2015 to the 16th June 2015 for the chickpea and to the 4th July 2015 for the lentil, corresponding to the period of vegetation and fructification of these cultures.
2006) and the irregular fructification, occurring at 41-month intervals (Fischer and Dos Santos, 2001) limit its propagation.
Seasonal vegetative growth of the coffee plant and its relationship with the photoperiod, fructification, stomatic resistance and photosynthesis.
La mise en condition de la fructification de ce champignon n'a pas ete facile, a-t-elle ajoute, soulignant que la recolte necessitait un taux d'humidite ideal et de la paille pour permettre une poussee en l'espace d'une semaine a 10 jours.
In 2011, the ores and gold and silver fructification level was zero.
Thus, the conditions for a correct reasoning of decision's fructification of the various international business opportunities can be, at least partially, provided.
An identification key was prepared for the species and also a set of data on the geographical distribution, flowering and/or fructification was provided.
In the last line even the hope of an afterlife is inflected towards the present, and the whole body of the poem enacts a turning away from the sea, to suggest the prior claim of the fructification of the individual life in that of a wider existence, one made palpable by the topography and history of the Duddon's course.
Gibberellins are involved in the regulation of cell elongation; they determine plant height and fructification and thus they are economically important [17].
The passing year will be marked in red letters for the singularly significant development of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh as more than six-decade-old dream of Telangana people to have their own state finally came to fructification on June 2.
naked and alone; surrounded by savage animals, and men still more savage, " he was tempted to give up and "lie down and perish" in despair, when suddenly "the extraordinary beauty of a small moss, in fructification, irresistibly caught my eye.
Thus, it really would be worth watching how the prime minister wades through the slush of American hostility to reach ashore with its fructification.
Note that the coffee plant needs to absorb large amounts of water to maintain high fructification (Rena and Guimaraes 2000).
16 All these research paths have potential to reach fructification.