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Synonyms for froward

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for froward

habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition

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Joseph Swetnam, "The Arraignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward, and Unconstant Women (1615)", in Henderson and McManus, p.
Referring directly to Eve, this antifeminist pamphleteer reminds his readers that women "were made of the rib of a man, and that their froward nature showeth; for a rib is a crooked thing good for nothing else, and women are crooked by nature" (193).
The martyrologist here paraphrases from The Obedience of a Christian Man: "So great was then the froward devices of the English clergy (who should have been the guides of light unto the people) to drive the people from the text and knowledge of the Scripture.
At his most froward, Shakespeare creates fruitful misunderstandings in the plot by shattering language and then playing with the random shards.
O'Donnell, Celtic's best player, sauntered froward and with a casual flick of his left foot the ball was placed neatly in the bottom right-hand corner of the net.
The poem began with a significant quotation from Wyatt, "Mine old dear enemy / my froward master," initially applicable to the old tutor.
Let then the false suggestions of the froward,(74) 400 Building large castles in the empty air,
We look froward to continuing as the lading provider of image- based payment processing solutions.
Elliot Benjamin's penalty got Sandbach on the board but Nuns retained their forward dominance for the rest of the half and although Sandbach's defence stood firm the visitors seemed to have taken control early in the second period when full back George Adams charged froward and Wilson fought his way into the corner before adding the extras from an implausibly tight angle.
After Brian and Anne returned to Northumberland, David and Katharine laid up their boat in a creek and started their great run from Cape Froward in Patagonian Chile, the southernmost part of mainland South America.
My mum,Maureen,and my sisters,Emma, 23,and Joanna, 32,are fiercely proud of dad and we are all looking froward to his testimonial in August.
Indeed, Sven-Goran Eriksson has already earmarked Ameobi for a future role in England's senior squad and was looking froward to watching the United youngster in action against Croatia's Under-21s tonight.
Speght wrote the Mouzell in response to Joseph Swetnam's Araignment of Lewde, idle, froward, and unconstant women (1615) - possibly, Lewalski speculates, at the request of the bookseller Thomas Archer, who had published Swetnam and desired an answer to drum up sales.
The pieces are now in place and we look froward to capitalizing on the opportunities that lie ahead.