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Synonyms for frothy

Synonyms for frothy

consisting of or resembling foam

amusing but essentially empty and frivolous


Synonyms for frothy

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

marked by high spirits or excitement

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The total return of the business may involve earnings in excess of the return on tangible assets, and these excess earnings must be valued at a higher (riskier) discount rate, as these residual earnings are a less certain, or frothier, layer of earnings that will disappear during a recession, or due to any deterioration in the business itself.
Women swing their hips a little wider as they walk, men lengthen their stride and seem to fit their suits more suavely, smiles are broader, and pints are frothier.
One of Miss Christie's frothier concoctions, the play starts when the rather over-imaginative Clarissa, wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, wonders what might happen if she were one morning to find a dead body in the library - and promptly finds out.
Television presenter Sir Trevor McDonald once again brings his unique brand of un-risque humour to a show that celebrates the frothier end of the TV spectrum and is voted for solely by viewers.
THEN: Ten years ago, Darren Linder, a 1988 Sheldon High graduate, was among a group of 20-somethings who'd decided to leave Eugene for the frothier waters of Portland.
"If you're looking for a lighter, frothier version of Tom Wolfe," says the Los Angeles Times, "Boomsday is your ticket." Also of note: as the first release of the new publishing imprint Twelve, Boomsday comes packaged in an eye-catching, pop-art package.
By the 1960s, lager was making inroads into the British market, when it became popular as a lighter, frothier drink for women.
Fry is brilliant at fluffing up the frothier moments, as his good-looking young cast fill their silly lives with party after party.
He had pointedly criticized some of the Society's frothier pronouncements (such as the allegation that President Eisenhower belonged to the Communist conspiracy).
Last summer's Songs From An American Movie Volume 1: How To Smile certainly broadened their appeal, with a hefty dose of strings and vocal harmonies conjuring up a frothier, more accessible atmosphere than their first three albums.
These, and plays by frothier writers as well, were put on often by regimental companies: the amateur British garrison troop-shows that formed a surprisingly large part of the Ontario theatre-scene during the last century, a large enough part to merit a chapter here devoted to their history.
Imagining the alternately raucous and romantic exploits of the future English monarch and her sister Margaret as they are let loose upon London for one wild night of Victory in Europe celebrations, Julian Jarrold's brightly performed exercise in speculative history scores as a frothier, more feminine bookend to "The King's Speech"--though it's no less engaging or accomplished.
There have been some more personal issues, even domestic matters to catch up on in the last few days, but as the day wears on, the dazzling trio of Mercury, Venus and Mars can see you turn your mind to frothier, more fun based possibilities.
For a much cheaper alternative, Italian Prosecco is sweeter, frothier and flightier and certainly has no pretensions.