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Synonyms for froth

Synonyms for froth

a mass of bubbles in or on the surface of a liquid

to form or cause to form foam

Synonyms for froth

a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid

become bubbly or frothy or foaming

make froth or foam and become bubbly


Related Words

exude or expel foam

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In order to gain better prediction accuracy of concentrate grade, it is feasible to exploit the froth image information.
* Spoon the milk froth onto the top of the coffee; garnish and/or sweeten.
Froth is a mixture of short, striking poems and long, meditative pieces, both equally interesting in their own right.
The froth floatation of coal has been extensively studied and found to be feasible to enhance the quality of coal by reducing deleterious pyrite and removing unwanted ash-forming minerals [3].
Froth flotation methods have been applied aiming at the separation of PET from PVC.
A white froth, pop a spoonful into the mouth and it disappears.
This is the chemistry of ice, the stitchwork, the embroidery, the froth and the flummery.
For the sage froth: In saucepan, melt butter and soute shallots until
The two inter-related factors that principally govern the flotation process are the hydrodynamic states of the pulp (i.e., bubbly liquid) and froth phases, and the colloidal interactions between particles and bubbles.
QTHE shoots on most of my herbaceous plants are covered in froth. What's causing it and how do I prevent it?
Commemorating that anniversary, this book/CD-ROM package details the current state of research and practice in mineral froth flotation.
The "ideal" espresso is about 1.5 ounces of coffee under a top layer of crema, the froth that traps flavor and aroma in a quality espresso.
Drinkers can see if their pint measures up ( or if they are paying for froth.
It's all very New York, as confirmed by the Bacchanalian scenes at the opening party (broadcast as part of a recent television profile on Heatherwick's oeuvre), but beneath the frivolous froth of fashion, there are some serious points to be made about the importance of craft, invention and construction, and how boundaries can, and should, be pushed.
Then strain and you get that nice froth at the top."