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Synonyms for frosting

a flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes


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Empty frosting into medium bowl; tint with 9 drops yellow and 6 drops red food coloring to make orange frosting.
1 (16-ounce) container prepared cream cheese frosting
Betty Crocker(R) Pour & Frost is the first "pourable" frosting, creating a new segment in the ready-to-spread frosting category.
In addition to regular cake-and-frosting bakers, this new frosting's spreadable qualities will attract consumers who previously weren't as likely to bake cakes," explained Mike Paul, marketing manager, "With conventional frostings, which are not microwavable, it takes 2 to 3 hours or even overnight for the cake to cool before it can be frosted.
Use a cookie cutter (to tie in with the party theme) pressed into the cake frosting (then removed) for a stencil - and then fill in (or outline) with candies or colored icings piped on with a star tip and decorate with plastic toys or other items, suggests Siler, adding that it not only looks pretty but is simple to do.
Cakes baked in an array of shaped pans take on life when you apply contrasting frosting colors and colored decorations.
Frost large cake with Orange Butter Cream Frosting, stroking from bottom of cake to top to give ridged pumpkin effect.
For Frosting, in a medium bowl, combine both both cans of frosting.
Bake a cake (using a packaged mix) in a round cake pan, and then frost with orange-tinted frosting and make a pumpkin face with assorted candies.