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(of glass) having a roughened coating resembling frost

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One runs from tree to tree over the frosted ground picking the gnarled, twisted apples and filling his pockets with them.
Some had raisins for eyes and currant buttons on their clothes; others had eyes of cloves and legs of stick cinnamon, and many wore hats and bonnets frosted pink and green.
But they're not as stuck up as the Frosted Jumbles," declared Mr.
It was a hoar-frost day, and the forest was an enchanted forest leading into fairyland, and though Irais and I have been there often before, and always thought it beautiful, yet yesterday we stood under the final arch of frosted trees, struck silent by the sheer loveliness of the place.
Have gummy worm candy crawl out of the mouth of a pumpkin cake, or the top of frosted brownies or a square cake frosted with orange or green icing.