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Synonyms for frostbite

destruction of tissue by freezing and characterized by tingling, blistering and possibly gangrene

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He conquered the world's highest mountain on Wednesday - meaning he has just two peaks left to complete - but developed frostbite on the descent.
Note to Dallas readers: Frostbite is not associated with 12 1/2 inches of snow
The Frostbite Novelty plant in Toledo emerged as the cream of the crop for the ice cream category.
To detect frostbite early, when it is most treatable, look for the signs: redness and a stinging, burning, throbbing, or prickling sensation followed by numbness.
The Moddb website claims that Frostbite 3 features upgraded tessellation technology which gives better 3D effects and graphics.
developer of the Frostbite[TM] Weed Control System, announced today that the organic landscaping firm Pleasant Green Grass of Durham will be the first North Carolina landscaping contractor to offer the Frostbite System as part of its organic lawn care programs.
Doctors diagnosed frostbite in the 33-year-old Pontypridd-born adventurer's right big toe after he climbed Mount Everest, but Parks still hopes to raise pounds 1m for Marie Curie by climbing the highest summits on the seven continents and trekking to the North and South Poles in seven months.
WAITING FOR GATEAUX is a comedy about friendship, frostbite and French fries and runs
Andrew Taylor, 49, and his son Daniel, 17, from Herefordshire were suffering from frostbite.
Marco Confortola was last night battling frostbite and fatigue as he made painful progress down from 7,000 metres - a height deemed too risky for helicopter rescue.
People with Raynaud's are also at a slightly increased risk of getting frostbite in very cold conditions.
DESPITE pets' lovely fur coats, our faithful friends are not immune to the cold weather and can easily develop hypothermia and frostbite in the winter months.
Club dinghy frostbite series races on the Marine Lake were Tim Lawrence in a Lark Permanent Waves and Martin Whittingham-Jones in a 2.
The laundry list of maladies one can suffer in Mount Everest's ``Death Zone'' 7/8 frostbite, of course, but also brain swelling that can induce anything from life-threatening disorientation to madness 7/8 certainly seems to diminish the notion that it's a glamorous hobby.