frontal sinus

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one of a pair of cavities in the frontal bone

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The cavity in the left frontal sinus was evaluated using 70-degree endoscope because of the defect in the frontal sinus septum, the internal part of the sinus was irrigated and aspirated.
Thickening of the squama of the frontal bone was evident as well as hyper-pneumatization of the left frontal sinus (Figures IB and 1C).
They occur most frequently in frontal sinus followed by ethmoid and maxillary sinuses.
One patient with pituitary adenoma, who underwent FLA Type I, suffered a skin infection caused by an obstructive frontal sinus mucocele 38 months after surgery.
It can also be associated with respiratory infections, trepanations or fractures with frontal sinus exposure, cysts or nasal cancer (SMITH, 2006).
The horn core may be exposed and frontal sinus may be exposed with white to brownish pus at the site.
Usually, patients are either operated on the frontal sinus or the Ethmiodal (situated near the bridge of the nose), which are a set of four paired paranasal sinuses (surrounding the nasal cavity).
Most often secondary to an obstruction of the sinus ostium, mucoceles may also result from surgery, osteoma or prior trauma; this is especially true of frontal sinus mucoceles.
CT-scan showed tumor extension to dura mater, superior and external orbital walls, superior rectus muscle (Figures 2-4) and frontal sinus and involvement of the right superficial parotid lobe and the external ear canal.
Cekilen BT koronal kesitlerde maksiller ve frontal sinus duvarlarinda mukozal kalinlasma ile osteomeatal aciklikta tikaniklik tespit edildi (Resim 2, kirmizi ok).
In addition, there were one each of the following; pneumatized supreme turbinate, pneumatized crystagalli, dehiscent roof of frontal sinus, rudimentary right maxillary sinus, absent inter sphenoid septum, pneumatized septum and rudimentary frontal sinus.
Paranasal mucoceles are most commonly found in the frontal sinus, and are occasionally found in the ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses.
Line E indicates the lateral limit of the right frontal sinus; line H indicates the lateral limit of the left frontal sinus; line F passes from the highest point of the right frontal sinus to the base line; line G passes from the highest point of the left frontal sinus to the base line.
The agger nasi cells serve as the anterior floor of the frontal sinus (Fig.