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the large cranial bone forming the front part of the cranium: includes the upper part of the orbits

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P; parietal bone, F; frontal bone, T; temporal bone, S; sphenoid bone, e; epipteric bone (as known as pterion ossicle, sutural or Wormian bone).
Differentials for this mixed lytic and proliferative mass associated with the caudal nasal passages and frontal bone included a chronic granulomatous lesion or neoplasia.
Caption: Figure 1: Clinical picture showing dry skin, sunken cheeks, depressed nasal bridge, protruded lips, prominent frontal bone, and supraorbital ridges
Therefore, the frontal sinus, ethmoid and mastoid cells equilateral to brain hemiatrophy get larger, the squama of the frontal bone becomes thicker and large sphenoid wing and petrous ridge elevate.
In cases following removal of cancerous tissues, affected part of frontal bone was removed and bony surface was curated.
The skull has two burr holes, one smaller, located at the level of the frontal bone, close to the coronal suture, and one larger, located posteriorly, with an extension at the level of both parietal bones.
It is characterized by osteomyelitis of the frontal bone, which eventually leads to intracranial complications (1).
ClickPress, Sun Aug 30 2015] Craniomaxillofacial traumas caused by sports injuries and traffic accidents can result in frontal bone fracture, orbital fracture, maxillary fracture, and mandibular fracture.
Dr Nohemi Sala, who is leading the dig, said: "This skull shows two penetrating lesions on the frontal bone, above the left eye.
It is bordered superiorly by the frontal bone, laterally by the maxillary bones, and inferiorly by the pyriform aperture [1].
One of the main advantages in analyzing frontal sinuses is due to the frontal bone protection against external factors, such as trauma and decomposition, which makes PM examination highly reliable.
The last paranasal sinus to develop between the inner and outer table of the frontal bone is the frontal sinus.
The frontal sinus is part of the anterior ethmoidal cells which evaginate from the frontal recess directly to the frontal bone.
These front chambers are located in the frontal bone at the glabella level, frequently extending to the supraorbital arches.