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that part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying directly behind the forehead

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No strangers to aerodynamics, Pevovar and Smith knew the changes they were proposing would add to the frontal area, with a resulting rise in the [C.
Comprising 128 antennas, ZTE s Massive MIMO base station uses a frontal area similar to existing 8-antennas.
Radiator: Maximum capacity and frontal area radiator available for vehicle model offered with coolant recovery system.
frontal area with filter and conditioner,, Premium Rubber hoses
Assuming equal penetration, the larger the projectile's frontal area, the more authoritatively it imparts shock.
In the study, the researchers then used a combination of different techniques to map the connections from the habenula to the frontal area of the brain, and to precisely control the activity of neurons in these regions.
The tall, upright posture of today's utility vehicles is all the rage, but with a large frontal area there are more dried bugs to clean off.
For example, the study states that words like death and cruelty activated left the superior medial frontal area of the brain and the medial frontal/anterior cingulate respectively.
The FFT, consisting of verbal fluency test (VFT) and figure fluency test (FFT), was utilized to assess the executive function and the fluency of thinking and conception in the frontal area.
Our new bullet design, developed with Lehigh Defense, LLC, is solid copper, non-deforming and nonfragmenting with large machined flutes and a small frontal area.
On impact, the nose typically collapses inward, creating a tough frontal area that protects the bullet as it penetrates a few inches.
In some loads, the 9mm is superior In the real world, when it comes to a bullet designer's choices in what can be manipulated in a bullet design, the 9mm has a significant advantage over the larger calibers because of its smaller frontal area and higher velocity for the sectional density This allows the designer more flexibility in the rate and size to which he can allow the bullet to expand and how much the bullet will ultimately penetrate.
The researchers also found an association between depressive symptoms and abnormal white matter in the frontal area, the fiber tracts connecting the region to other areas in the brain.
1 million, based on the square root of its frontal area.
The boy died of multiple lacerations and wounds in his frontal area, right shoulder and right thigh.