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that part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying directly behind the forehead

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Thus, the current study results support the hypothesis that tasks relying upon the frontal areas of the brain are more susceptible to the negative effects of lead exposure than are tasks relying on other areas of the brain.
Experiences constantly tune the natural maturation of frontal areas.
The performance analysis result regarding the number of circuits when the frontal area is constant is shown in Figure 10.
The ability of the filter to intercept inclusions and minimize turbulence to prevent reoxidation is dependent upon the frontal area, thickness and pour size of the filter.
Postoperatively, the patient did experience some numbness over his frontal area, but it improved over time.
Scientists decided that the damaged frontal area of his brain had a strong influence on his personality.
Being light, there is little inertia to drive the boat upwind through a chop, to counteract this one wants to minimize the resistance though making the frontal area as small as possible and at the same time have a good ability to penetrate a head wave without being lifted too violently as this would start a rather harsh pitching motion resulting in a large speed drop.
We presume Substance P released in the frontal area of the brain is crucially involved in mediating the pleasurable aspects of opiates.
Support for frontal lobe involvement comes from positron emission tomographic (PET) scan studies with findings of reduced whole brain glucose utilization, particularly in the right frontal area, and specifically the posterior-medial orbital areas (Zametkin et al.
Our porch roof being at least a dozen feet from starting place to drop-off point, I also had time on the way down for an instant replay of the bicycle episode that cost me still another layer of hide from my beleaguered frontal area.
The exterior shell, with a distinct smoked-gray polycarbonate window, provides the least amount of frontal area to the vehicle and allows full, wrap-around visibility for the enclosed driver.
The innovative Pre5G 3D/Massive MIMO outdoor base station integrates baseband units (BBUs) and radio frequency units (RFUs), and has 64 ports 128 antennas, with an overall frontal area similar to that of an 8-antenna base station.
In its latest evaluation, the IIHS subjected a total of twelve "small cars" to their small overlap front crash test that has 25 percent of the vehicle's frontal area on the driver's side impact a barrier at 40 mph.