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written matter preceding the main text of a book


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Laying the critical foundations, definitions, and methodology for this study in the first chapter, Saenger discusses front matter broadly, asserting that it is marked by a textual liminality whereby smaller texts refer to and mediate between larger ones.
The front matter includes a two-page section of "Explanatory notes" (which gives the conventions used in the book for various elements of each article or entry), an explanation of some of the citation sources mentioned in the articles, a rundown on the method for presenting illustrative quotations, a brief mention of the notation used for cross-references, and a forward reference to a pronunciation guide found later in the front matter.
American Heritage front matter is far more extensive.
New front matter prefacing the original text includes a note from the editor (Louis-Dominique Bayle), and biographical notes (in French and English
The puff that Cambridge University Press insists on binding into the front matter, thus saving the ephemeral from the decent oblivion accorded dust-jackets, declares that Professor Gregerson's language is 'lucid'.
The front matter in this book also presents some valuable information in a concise manner.
The features of the original book remain the same: dates of coverage, subject and geographic indexes, and front matter are all included, but customized to the databases chosen.
Front matter includes a chronology in the first volume and in each volume there is an introductory essay, a list of entries by topic, and a list of appended primary documents.
The front matter includes an introduction, an outline of the plan of the Complete Works, and a chronology of the writings published in the GA.
Although the book's front matter implies that the project ended in 2009, incomplete, in fact it is now housed in the Historical Office of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and further volumes can be expected.
Although Argo gives away the key to the plot and declares the primary suspect's innocence in the front matter, he manages to save at least a few twists and surprises for his readers.
Open the board cover; Griz has padded across the end paper and front matter leaving his violet-grey paw prints--both huge and beguilingly beautiful in hue.
Other front matter consists of a Preface, an Introduction, sections on Spanish Song Types of the Nineteenth Century, and editorial notes on each song.
He covers the official standards, organization and design, including visuals, front matter such as the title page and authoring, notices, intelligence control markings, abstracts, logos, tables of contents, the body of the report including the executive summary, and back matter such as indices, appendices and bibliographies.