front line

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the line along which opposing armies face each other

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Four signallers were told off for the attack - two with the attacking party and two to remain with Lieutenant Stanway who was in charge of operations and who would be in the front line trench.
Simple truths about the brand must be shared with the front line beginning Day One and then told often so the hero knows and understands the mission.
After discovering Front Line Systems and doing business with them, Core Products never looked back.
For front line hymn of praise Will be sung but once And an empty echo will follow Humanity out of existence.
We will continue to make changes to our back office functions to ensure that officers can be returned to front line.
Ministers have repeatedly said their cuts programme will not impact on the front line in Afghanistan and the country will expect the Government to keep its promises.
Cutting support staff means front line staff have more to undertake and that must mean an impacted front line service, so it would be nice in the future if local leaders, including the much vaunted private sector, will tell us the truth.
He added: "I was surprised to hear the Chief Constable indicate he could be reducing the number of officers on the front line.
Security forces are reportedly carrying out surveillance on Ms Jamsheer's house phone, mobile phone and email account and she has apparently received many threatening SMS messages, says Front Line.
Without a dispatcher, the front line paramedics would not know where the emergency was.
It requires all defenders on the front line to be one pass away from the opposition's Trigger (X2 and X1 in Diag.
In the report, "Combination Products: An Impact Analysis on the Convergence of Medical Devices and Therapeutics," Front Line Strategic Consulting, Inc.
They argue that this contact at the front line is a distinguishing feature within globalized economies.
And, unfortunately, this time we are on the front line.
Two, we would have the metrics, the management information and the numbers at the front line that our people could look at to know where they were at any given time.