front crawl

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a swimming stroke

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Therefore, the aims of this study were to investigate whether land-based and tethered swimming strength tests can explain swimming performance in 200-meter front crawl and whether these tests were able to identify bilateral symmetry in force production.
The aim of the study was to perform a kinematic analysis of the front crawl in young triathletes Second Half program.
A Breaststroke B Butterfly C Front crawl D Backstroke QUESTION 5 - for 5 points: With which other comedian did Griff Rhys Jones build a long-running partnership on TV?
And did you know that a Creme Egg equals 17 minutes' running, and a Kit Kat chunky Easter egg with Kit Kat bar equals three hours 46 minutes of walking or an hour front crawl swim?
Study Design: Cross-sectional, analytical inferential that uses surface electromyography (sEMG) to measure muscle activation cervical-brachial axis of the right shoulder in healthy subjects during front crawl swimming and crawling with and without tube.
The robot, nicknamed Swumanoid, can swim front crawl at a speed of 0.
My front crawl is my main stroke, it's where my advantage is, where I catch people up.
Classmate Euan Legg, eight, said: "I liked the bit where we did the front crawl because swimming is an Olympic sport and the bit where we did basketball.
Adamson's participation in the triathlon was the culmination of two years' training, during which time he has lost 24kg in weight, run two marathons, learnt to swim front crawl, and leant to endure seven hours sitting on a road bike.
45pm FRONT CRAWL, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, doggy paddle, blah blah blah, writes Michael Brear.
I front crawl between lily pads and float without a word.
However, on reading, it becomes apparent that it's liberally strewn with irrelevant information (such as how to do the front crawl, backstroke and doggy paddle).
176) that contain specific sets of exercises, which will correct the technical mistakes in front crawl swimming.
In one study, it took untrained swimmers 50 per cent more oxygen to achieve the same speed in front crawl as trained swimmers.