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the outer or front court of a building or of a group of buildings

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In fact, Evansville outscored SIU's front court in the paint 34 to 12 after only besting the Dawgs by four points (28-24) in SIU's win over them in Carbondale.
But against Boston's smaller front court, Pekovic had his way.
Scott Martin led the way with his front court partner Darius Defoe having a fine game too.
In the following two sets, Team South Wales kept their level of play up, executing some very good jump serves, back and front court hits, and digs, all the while putting pressure on Polonia continuously.
One of the reasons for Riyadi's slow-tempo offense was that they were depending on a local front court, only the second time they have done so, after last year's Asian Champions cup when they had Fadi al-Khatib alongside Jean Abdelnour.
What the Turks boast is power in the front court which will be essential to putting pressure on the outstanding Chen Nan.
I wonder how many people around the league actually realise that my front court is English born and bred?
Two Americans light and lacking a big front court, coach Nigel Lloyd admitted that finances were dictating their predicament.
The small space was defined by a formal front court, and I immediately thought of a French-inspired design.
When Tom Spijkers and de Hoogh, now front court, pushed Riga 19-0 ahead the first set was as good as in the bag but the dangerous Marcus Russell, aided and abetted by Ian Towers, capitalised on some home slackness to close the final deficit to a respectable 25-20.
Features include a front court yard, and a natural spring well
Gerry was just there in the garden or front court and I just ran.
Wiley only had four points, four rebounds and an assist during his 13 minutes of playing time, but he brought needed depth to a formerly decimated Saluki front court roster.