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BEIRUT: A new technical and geological report showing common offshore gas reserves between Lebanon and Israel is set to speed up the government to place the issue on the front burner.
Through Front Burner Brands' experienced purchasing and distribution team, we have access to superior national vendors in the foodservice industry, which has helped us to secure the best pricing on a variety of products, even with rising food costs.
Commenting on the Mideast foray, Dan Stone, vice president of franchise development for Front Burner Brands said, "The Melting Pot experience transcends cultural differences and is especially attractive to cultures that place great value on spending time with family and friends around a table of food.
Given how the issue of Iran's nuclear program has remained on the front burner, it's hard to argue against this assessment.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said that plans to set up a no-fly zone over parts of Syria are 'not on the front burner,' despite constant calls from Syrian rebel forces that they need the added protection from escalating regime air strikes.
Moving the reauthorization bill to Congross' front burner was significantly aided by the grassroots efforts of NAA/NMHC and 20 other stakeholder groups in a "Flood the Hill" campaign that generated calls, letters and visits to Senate members, urging consideration of the legislation before the program's expiration.
Desi's been fighting a stalling action on being brought to trial, but now, the jokesters report, he's giving his department of justice orders to put his trial on the front burner and git 'er done, quick.
Pipeline operator training and safety training programs have always been on our front burner because it is an elemental challenge for our customers around the globe.
They're in various stages, but I'm not sure any of them are on the front burner right now," he says while in London for his latest project, Charlie St Cloud, about a young man unable to come to terms with his brother's death.
And, considering that NOM is going around the country in the hopes of putting gay marriage once again on the front burner of national politics, the turnout of political types was even less impressive.
Edmond, who has served in numerous leadership positions within community organizations; retired Elgin City Manager Olufemi "Femi" Folarin, who was instrumental in the revitalization of the downtown Elgin area and moved to the front burner the city's efforts to improve economic development; Robert Gilliam, who has provided more than 35 years of service to the Elgin community as a member of the Elgin City Council and as an advocate for community improvement; Rise D.
A stunning performance to keep many a dream firmly on the front burner throughout the winter?
Avidiant Consulting Group is expanding its reach beyond start-ups, mid-cap companies and banks to include an area on the front burner for many credit unions: risk management.
All of a sudden, all outstanding Arab political reconciliations were brought forwards and put on the front burner in line with international diplomatic moves towards the region, especially Syria and Lebanon, Hamadeh said.
Until it does, and it will, global warming will always remain on the front burner, fuelled by politicians' and bankers' self-interest.