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any of the front seats in the House of Commons that are reserved for ministers or former ministers

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Yet despite a solemn pronouncement (called an "advisory opinion") from the Supreme Court of Canada, despite the chorus of trained-seal barking from the Liberal front benches, despite the unanimous and politically-correct opinion of--count them
It is the end of a 17-year-plus stint on the front benches including a spell as police minister for the politician, who has served as MP for Delyn since 1992.
Forcing retired people to put up the cash to fund a tax break for the richest people in the land - who include, incidentally, members of both front benches in the House of Commons - was a political disaster worthy only of an inept politician.
Labour's John Heppell withdrew his Bill when it failed to get backing from either the Government or Opposition front benches.
Cameron is struggling desperately to take his team down a class or two because he recognises that gallons of blue blood sploshing about on his front benches is electoral poison.
The front benches of the three main parties in Westminster are mostly now filled with young professional careerist MPs.
It is seen as the first stage of a campaign to rehabilitate himself and return to the front benches.
Mr Cameron also returned Damien Green to the front benches, in the high-profile role of immigration spokesman.