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Synonyms for forehead



Synonyms for forehead

the part of the face above the eyes

the large cranial bone forming the front part of the cranium: includes the upper part of the orbits

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Diagnosis: Median occipital sclerites yellow; scutum uniformly yellow to yellowish brown; upper frons yellow to brown; hind femora uniformly yellow; wings at least partly infuscate.
Frons, clypeus and labrum, light ochre brown with darker speckles.
Head with larger punctures separated 0.2-0.5 times own diameter, interpunctural spaces minutely punctured; frons evenly convex, with subquadrate anterior extention around antennal insertions; supra-antennal ocular canthus short, lobate.
Face, frons and vertex gold-silver pruinose, mystax black, ocellar macrosetae black.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 15, 2012-The New York Times Company appoints Marc Frons as Chief Information Officer(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Schuhirandella is likely most closely related to the Australian endemic genus Rayieria, as it has frons and clypeus bulged, labium of similar length and structure.
corythus because its cephalic carina is positioned near middle distance of the head; thus the frontal region of head (frons) is longer than the clypeus (Figure 2a); in C.
moderated by John Blossom of Shore Communications, Marc Frons, CTO of digital operations at The New York Times Co., discussed how the media company took advantage of that scalability to handle record traffic during the presidential election cycle.
As a result, more original spinoffs are in development at SoapNet, says Brian Frons, president of daytime for the Disney-ABC TV Group.
Offering the trap as an alternative for his cave and insisting on his exile from Prospero's cell loses us the entertaining likelihood that for his first appearance Caliban emerged from the same central opening in the frons scenae later used for Prospero's cell, where Ferdinand and Miranda are `discovered' playing chess.
This is certainly one way of blocking the scene, as would be an initial placing of Kate downstage centre, right or left, closest to a large part of the audience, facing Petruchio and the guests who are positioned in the upstage locus position before the frons. This would offer a very different reading of the scene and, it might be argued, provides as valid an example of 'Shakespeare's use of the actual physical shape of the stage in his playhouses' as the one Shurgot suggests.
Andrew Gurr ('The Bare Island') considers a number of problems about the Elizabethan theatre, such as the nature of the so-called 'discovery space', the exact shape of the stage and frons scenae, and the method by which members of the audience ascended into the galleries.