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Synonyms for thence

from that place or from there


from that circumstance or source

(used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result

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I was now alone in a most remote part of the world, for I was near three thousand leagues by sea farther off from England than I was at my island; only, it is true, I might travel here by land over the Great Mogul's country to Surat, might go from thence to Bassora by sea, up the Gulf of Persia, and take the way of the caravans, over the desert of Arabia, to Aleppo and Scanderoon; from thence by sea again to Italy, and so overland into France.
When all was ready we set sail for Achin, in the island of Sumatra, and from thence to Siam, where we exchanged some of our wares for opium and some arrack; the first a commodity which bears a great price among the Chinese, and which at that time was much wanted there.
From the Upper Park School he entered the Collegiate School with a City Council scholarship, and from thence by another scholarship he went to Liverpool University where he graduated last June in honours and with distinction in medicine.
From thence proceed, till you come to the ninth Square or Letter beyond, and set that down, and so on, till the Word is wrought out by the Table, which you will know by this, that when the Word is ended, if you number on till the ninth Square, you will find it a Blank.
He also has an interesting suggestion about rhetoric as a mode of upward social mobility -- from "the cart to the school, and from thence to the court," as George Puttenham puts it.
Avoid "from whence" and "from thence." They are gross redundancies that reveal ignorance of the words' meanings and set readers' teeth on edge.
11, the plan was to build a tower that would reach to heaven, but Jehovah, displeased by the arrogance and presumption of the builders, " confounded their speech " so they could not understand one another and " scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth.
I Believe in my people Who for five hundred years have been exploited endlessly I believe in our children conceived in struggle and in misery who have suffered under the rule of many Pontius Pilates who were martyred "disappeared" burned alive who descended into hells of ceaseless torture and who arose again from the dead to join anew the guerrilla movement they ascended into the mountains and from thence shall they come to judge their executioners.