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horse around or about


Synonyms for horse

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Title: Straight from the Horse's Mouth - How to Talk to Animals and Hear Them Talk back Author: Amelia Kinkale Published by: Thornson (an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers) ISBN: 0-00-7123490-3 Price: GBP9.99 Reviewer: Tony Ingram / Jamie Ayres
They are bringing their Psalms from the Horse's Mouth performance to Holmfirth Civic Hall on Friday September 12 at 7.30pm.
'From The Horse's Mouth' is a nutriton service for jockeys, run as part of the Jockeys' Association.
HEAR it straight from the horse's mouth when Shires and Clydesdales hoof it to the Black Country Living Museum for the Working Horse Weekend.
That came from the horse's mouth, with the American cable channel's main boxing man, Kery Davis, in town for the Welshman's defence against Peter Manfredo, Jr, tomorrow.
She was sure she was being taken for a ride when she heard stories about Peggy Dolan, but it wasn't long before she heard the truth ( straight from the horse's mouth.
Author Charna Halpern's work with co-creator of long-form improvisation with partner Del Close changed the nature of improvisational comedy, so her ART BY COMMITTEE: A GUIDE TO ADVANCED IMPROVISATION comes from the horse's mouth, with a tone of authority few others could equal.
"The people attending have the opportunity to ask whatever they like and to have it from the horse's mouth," she said.
But I can tell you, straight from the horse's mouth, there are no immediate plans or even discussions about bringing Rab C.
Ooh, you bruteAnd there you have it from the horse's mouth. An MUTV presenter after an interview with Ruud van Nistelrooy in which he denied rumours of a move to Real Madrid
But pupils from Rice Lane Infant school were also learning all about racing - straight from the horse's mouth.
The horses are telling you they are spot on - don't ignore the message, it's a rare word from the horse's mouth.
``It doesn't concern me, but I feel the fans deserve to hear the story from the horse's mouth.''