from head to toe

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at all points from head to foot


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He was shivering from head to toe and he was in total shock DIANE BRANNAN NEVILLE*X27;S DAUGHTER
At the game's end, most players are plastered with mud from head to toe.
He was so badly bruised from head to toe, front and back, it was obvious he had been savagely beaten," says his brother, Jesse.
You'll be sore from head to toe when you finish this trek anyway; do you want to compound that discomfort because of inferior gear?
We are very excited to open in this unique and fashionable location and to provide our customers with everything they are looking for from head to toe," said Anita Amatya.
Dressed in black from head to toe and wearing a helmet that allows barely a glimpse of his face, Staff Sgt.
The Flash, clad from head to toe in red Lycra, is the world's fastest man, capable of super-speed - and famously beat fellow Justice Leaguer Superman in a race.
But with the ground already damp and muddy, organisers are hoping it will not be a repeat of the scenes of 1998 which saw festival-goers covered from head to toe in mud after a weekend of downpours.
When you think of welding, you think of arcs and sparks and people covered up from head to toe," says Pacey.
We arrived home safely, covered from head to toe in sand, concluding our friend's bachelor party--"Remy's day in the dirt.