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Synonyms for frolicsome

full of high-spirited fun

Synonyms for frolicsome

given to merry frolicking

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What's more, it will more than satisfy the sweet tooth of romantic comedy fans everywhere who have lately despaired that the frothy, frolicsome genre they adore has been subsumed by raunch and various shades of gray.
WORDS danced onto the computer screen in frolicsome spirits, as I wrote a letter to a friend about the favourite subject of all Britons.
Of all the things that made us modernindustrialization, gender equality, an expansive understanding of civil rightsthe transformation of the ocean from a fearsome place into a frolicsome one ranks high on the list.
The excerpt below, as sung by one of our informants explains the fact that when a man is idle, he will be assigned any frolicsome matters in society because he who is constructively engaged will have no time to frivolities:
Unlike the gods, who remain satisfied with their quiet immortality, a river uninhibitedly likes to gambol and misses no occasion to display its frolicsome nature.
her step is jaunty and she herself antic, frolicsome, happy." (64) This is a far cry from the novel's climactic scene, in which Judith, at the end of her rope, attempts to claw open the sacristy to determine whether God exists and then passes out.
"It depends on the group of cats and the time of day." Afternoon classes tend to be more laid back, she said, because the cats are sleepy and just observe, while at the evening classes, when the cats are anticipating supper, they tend to be more frolicsome. At KitTea Cat Cafe in San Francisco, the Cats on Mats class happens every Wednesday night and costs $30 a person.
But one didn't even need to understand Brancusi; it was simpler and easier to feel him; Brancusi would give himself to you, he would become one truly yours, entirely, without reservations, so that you in turn should remain near him, something of your living being would be kept there--definitively and against your will, causing you to be unable ever to leave *--in his studio at Montparnasse, near that child, who was kind and frolicsome in his being, who was Brancusi himself.
In fact, millennials can readily embrace the playful irreverence and grassroots appeal of 'Isaw,' and Baihana's popping, frolicsome trills in the astutely imagined fusion of Alon's 'Pusong Bato' and Gloc-9's 'Sirena.'
After listening to just the first few bars, one is totally captured by the frolicsome and poetic music, which the Smetana Trio imbue with a youthful briskness and lightness, radiating great optimism and joie de vivre.
Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra Adrian Boult Hall HHHII It's impossible to resist the charms of Ravel's frolicsome Piano Concerto in G, especially when the soloist sparkles.
Fenwick Hedley of the Thirty-second Illinois recalls Georgia in November 1864 as "literally a land overflowing with milk and honey" and declares the March to the Sea "this most romantic and frolicsome of campaigns" (1890, 267-68).
The Bahrain Rugby Football Club is now the scene of much frolicsome feline fun each Friday as almost 100 'cats and kittens' run rampage as they prepare to stage the all-singing, all-dancing family show.
The Pembrokeshire coast is one of the best places to spot the frolicsome greys, but they can often be seen off Swansea Bay, basking in the sun off rocks or leaping from the sea.