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march a person against his will by any method

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carry someone against his will upside down such that each limb is held by one person

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One man was frogmarched out by the police Eyewitness
One pulled out a knife while the other frogmarched him to the Santander Bank in King Street, the court was told.
Danniella, who had just quit as Sam Mitchell in the BBC1 soap, was frogmarched from her luxury flat at gunpoint as her drug addiction raged out of control.
The Commission believes that Lisbon will be frogmarched from a first ruling in 2010 (which found in favour of the Commission) to a second ruling.
Apparently he was pretty much frogmarched through the Richmond Enclosure and then had to watch from the sidelines as the presentations were made to the other connections of Supreme Stakes winner Producer, in whom he has a share.
They admitted stealing the victim's stash of cannabis but denied robbery, saying his claim that four men arrived armed with knives and frogmarched him to his drug store in the attic was pure fantasy.
IN France, Jerome Kerviel, has been frogmarched into the Bastille for five years and told to repay the 4.9billion euros he mislaid when he was a flash young trader at a French bank.
The bandana-wearing thugs forced their way into the 80-year-old widow's property in Foden Road, Perry Barr, and stole treasured jewellery as they frogmarched her around.
Billy King, 45, a chef from Conwy, said he was "frogmarched" by a security guard to the customer services counter, leaving him feeling humiliated as if he was a shoplifter.
Under the constant deafening whirl of helicopter blades, sending great plumes of sand and grit into the air, the five Iraqi detainees were frogmarched across the blistering desert.
Louise was then frogmarched on to a plane by armed officers.
For one fateful moment I thought I was going to be frogmarched off the premises.