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march a person against his will by any method

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carry someone against his will upside down such that each limb is held by one person

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DOOMED: Saddam will face gallows' 1 Saddam will go to gallows wearing a hood and green overalls and manacled hand and foot' 2 Iraqi guards will frogmarch him from his cell to prison to be executed' 3 Cleric will offer him chance to make peace with Allah before he climbs 15ft high gallows' 4 After his death he will be buried in unmarked grave without a funeral service
Some of had man frogmarched the." A man, who lives in Hatfield House, said he became aware of police activity at around 8.30pm on Monday.
A ROBBERY victim was force-fed a drug which knocked him out after he was frogmarched to a cash machine and told to hand over money, a court heard.
The victim later agreed to withdraw PS500 for her after being "frogmarched" to the bank.
Reacting the warning of the police units, the protestors were frogmarched by the police and taken to the police station.
TWO men with a knife threatened a teenager and frogmarched him to a cashpoint machine as they forced him to withdraw money.
Should any of the councillors knock on my door they will be with me for some time and frogmarched down the road so they can experience what we have to endure daily.
HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4) HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4) DARREN'S looking a bit peaky and it's not gone unnoticed by Sandy, who frogmarches him to hospital.
Yet just seven months after their fairytale wedding she's handcuffed, frogmarched out of her home and thrown into a police cell for the night for clobbering him.
The Commission believes that Lisbon will be frogmarched from a first ruling in 2010 (which found in favour of the Commission) to a second ruling.
Apparently he was pretty much frogmarched through the Richmond Enclosure and then had to watch from the sidelines as the presentations were made to the other connections of Supreme Stakes winner Producer, in whom he has a share.
They admitted stealing the victim's stash of cannabis but denied robbery, saying his claim that four men arrived armed with knives and frogmarched him to his drug store in the attic was pure fantasy.