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Synonyms for frogbit

European floating plant with roundish heart-shaped leaves and white flowers

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You'll have a giggle at the names up for grabs, but which ones are best depend on your specific pond, not just your delight at buying water violets, monkey tail, crowfoot, frogbit, parrot's feather or hortwort.
X HALORAGACEAE (Water-Milfoil Family) Myriophyllum sibiricum Komarov X HYDROCHARITACEAE (Frogbit Family) Elodea canadenses Michx.
Floating plants: Duckweed, Fairy Moss, Frogbit, Lotus, Water Hyacinth, and Water Lilies.
Hydrocharie morus-ranae known as "frogbit" is a free floater with rosettes of kidney-shaped, highly buffed leaves and papery, yellow-eyed, pristine-white flowers.
* Floating leaved plants: Water crowfoot, frogbit, potamogeton.
tall) holds frogbit with duckweed (both are invasive; keep them away from natural waters).
Frogbit, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae, is a good choice for a small pond with neat round leaves and small white flowers.