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Synonyms for frizzly

(of hair) in small tight curls

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Here in the orange light of the bicycle tire, in the shadows of the frizzly cactus fence, the upper crust gently stroked the breasts of love" (Lomax fieldnotes, December 20, 1936).
Their hair is semi-Papuan--neither straight, smooth, and glossy like all true Malays, nor so frizzly and woolly as the perfect Papuan type, but always crisp, waved, and rough, such as often occurs among the true Papuans, but never among the Malays.
bristly bubbly crinkly crumbly crumply cuddly curly frizzly giggly rumply smelly sparkly wriggly wrinkly
To Hodler he is "mad but unique," with a prominent nose and frizzly hair.