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Synonyms for fritter

small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables

spend frivolously and unwisely

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Using gram flour will change the fritters slightly but they are still really good.
Salt and pepper For fritter filling: 1 avocado Handful of chopped spinach Salt and pepper Chilli flakes 2-3 eggs
He kicked the dirt harder upon remembering the last time he approached her to ask for half a fritter.
When hot, add large tablespoonfuls of fritter mixture and press down gently with a spatula.
The Sweet Corn Fritter -- sweet corn nestled in a savory breading -- has been selling well since its March debut at Walmart.
Apple Fritter ice cream features sweet cream ice cream, mixed with chunks of real apples and cinnamon, is the first Tim Hortons-inspired ice cream flavor created by Cold Stone Creamery since the two chains joined forces in early 2009.
30 November 2009 - Advance Food Company, of Enid, Oklahoma, is recalling approximately 110,730 pounds of frozen beef steak fritter products that may contain foreign materials.
Each 80g fritter contains around 12% fat and the fact they are ovenbaked makes them a healthier option.
Fritter is that endless arguing between Tony and Tories.
The battered fritter and chips were whisked into the boiling oil, while a pasty white bun was sliced in readiness.
Breast of pigeon with a slice of foie gras wrapped in savoy cabbage with corn fritter underneath and a truffle sauce.
Her corn fritter recipe uses coconut milk, sweet rice flour and finely minced coriander and scallions for Asian style.
And if that's not enough, brownies, which originated in Switzerland, as well as another Swiss classic, an apple fritter floating in a creme chantilly sauce, completed the meal.