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Jenny Plackett, Butterfly Conservation's senior regional officer, said: "Exmoor's Heddon Valley supports the strongest population of high brown fritillary in England, but even here the butterfly remains at risk, and ongoing efforts to restore habitat and enable the butterfly to expand are crucial to its survival.
Philip Hambly, Chairman of Cornwall Butterfly Conservation (CBC), said: CBC have been working with Natural England in order to help protect the rare Marsh Fritillary butterfly in Mid Cornwall, and this confirmation of SSSI protection will help future conservation efforts.
This is probably a result of low numbers of habitat specialist species in similar numbers in grazed fields while mowed fields had the lowest species diversity because of a higher abundance of just one species, the meadow fritillary.
This in turn allows violet plants to grow and the high brown fritillary butterflies to thrive.
The adults of the queen of Spain fritillary are characterized by a strong orange and black coloring of the upper sides of the wings (Baytas, 2007; Tolman & Lewington 1997).
And the slow Gulf-Coast Fritillary circling the circle
Fritillary "Tilly" Quilter is a young insurance investigator who is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.
There is nothing quite as striking as the deep orange of the Gulf fritillary, Agraulis vanillae.
Variegated fritillary and common buckeye butterflies that the researchers captured, marked, and released in the central patch proved two to four times as likely to show up in connected patches as in unconnected ones.
Good examples that serve to illustrate these changing patterns are found among the fritillary butterflies of the genus Speyeria and the swallowtail butterflies of the genera Papilio and Eurytides.
THE snakeshead fritillary is one of my all-time favourite plants.
She said: "The very rare marsh fritillary butterfly can be seen in the elder marsh on Bull Island.
Tenders are invited for npws is calling for tenders to undertake targeted sample surveys of the marsh fritillary that will assist ireland meet its obligations for the species under the habitats directive.
Your plant is a little bulb, the snake's head fritillary - Fritillaria meleagris.
BUTTERFLIES have started to emerge after 40 caterpillars of the endangered small pearl-bordered fritillary were released in the latest stage of a project to save them from extinction in County Durham.