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an almost pleasurable sensation of fright

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Talk about friction and frisson, the set-up encounter delivered in heaps, with Blac Chyna's mom getting all freaked out when she belatedly learned that her only daughter was the same age as two of her half-siblings (by other women)!
She said if both sets of parents were visiting, the moment one of them hints at having to get home soon, she can feel the frisson with her man.
That might be down to the RFU's under-stated billing of February 28 as the "registration deadline", though there was a frisson of late drama as Newcastle Falcons and my good self disagreed on Takulua's age.
(1980/PG) Friends With Benefits Film4, 9pm Romantic comedy, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, in which a pair of relationship cynics with an undeniable attraction to one another agree to put feelings aside and embark on a purely physical frisson. ???
New summery fragrances have hit the shelves at L'Occitane en Provence, boasting sensational scents for men and women.The international retailer of body, face and home products has recently unveiled citrus and woody fragrances called Mer & Mistral, Frisson de Verveine and Eau de Cade.Mer & Mistral, which is a new addition to the La Collection de Grasse, is an aquatic fragrance for men with notes of citrus fruits, cypress, rosemary and pine.
This title is also available in French as Frisson l'ecureuil se prepare pour l'Halloween: Un guide de securite pour les stresses.
r "There's ' something about results day which is fantastic and it's ' great to see young people succeeding but t' | s ' this little edge, a frisson of nervousness which filters through to all of us."
The earlier films worked so well because of the couple's sexual frisson. This time, the chat feels overwritten and pretentious.
They were modestly wrapped up, with none of the frisson of another past German visitor to Liverpool the liner Aida Blu, with its lido deck for nudists.
The story of how the resulting chaos fed the rise of Hitler in the 1920s and '30s might trigger a frisson of fear that this historical episode is ripe for repetition.
The book achieves a pleasant crescendo with a frisson of danger as the monster gets closer in his drooly-tongue-lolling way.
A reminder that Venus is in your sign is issued today as you experience a frisson, that moment when your eyes meet across a crowded room and someone gives you the come hither.
So here's hoping the growing frisson between Diane and Kurt McVeigh puts a smile on their faces - we're betting it probably won't, however.
Voici un petit phenomene editorial qui laisse beaucoup esperer par son humour et la fraicheur narrative qui saisit le lecteur des aventures de Frisson l'ecureuil et du chat Chester.
On this occasion, the guests were honored to witness the unveiling of "Le Grand Frisson" collection which was introduced in "Avant-premiere".