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Synonyms for frilly


Synonyms for frilly

having decorative ruffles or frills

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Silas Cole, head gardener to Earl Spencer in Northamptonshire, and William Unwin, a cut flower grower in Cambridgeshire, both noticed a much larger and frillier flowered mutation of Eckford's pink Prima Donna among the plants they were growing.
Plant breeders consistently produce new varieties of flower ( bigger, frillier, more weather-resistant longer-lasting and in more colours.
A frillier dress, of sea-green, with a ribboned stomacher, and a raised chin make her air more confident.
Still, just give the show's love ballad "Lost in Loveliness" a frillier, old-fashioned orchestration, and it would probably work fine plopped into The Student Prince.
For now, the most visible of the changes is at Looking Glass, where the heavy blue curtains in the boys' rooms are being swapped out for frillier white ones.
along with frillier, more detailed, floral motifs, in an effort to tap a wider market for their wares.
The master bedroom, a little frillier than I might have chosen for myself and Gwen, but comfy-looking.
Prim and proper small-scale wovens add balance to the frillier prints.
At the turn of the 20th century, these were selected and reselected by Silas Cole, the head gardener at Althorp House, to give even bigger and frillier flowers.
Mr E E Morris, director of the firm said: 'I think the trend this year will be for shorter skirts and frillier dresses.
But if money is tight, or you want something a bit frillier and fancier for a little girl's room, underneath the worktop you could fix a curtain track, then hang some pretty material to screen off the storage underneath.
They'll be lighter, frillier colors, and there'll be more of an emphasis on the lifestyle, which is casual.