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Synonyms for frightened

Synonyms for frightened

made afraid


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thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation

References in classic literature ?
He seemed frightened enough too at the ghost, I thought.
More and more frightened, she immediately promised them money, and taking out her purse, gave them a shilling, and begged them not to want more, or to use her ill.
The noise and hurrying about and wailing over the cholera had frightened her, and she had been angry because no one seemed to remember that she was alive.
She was not frightened, because he was a harmless little thing who would not hurt her and he seemed in a hurry to get out of the room.
Innocent as I had been of any intention to terrify and agitate her, my heart smote me as I looked at the poor, pale, frightened face.
You couldn't help it, I know but I wish it was me you had frightened, and not her.
When he heard his mother spoken of harshly or when he overheard her berating his father, he was frightened and ran away to hide.
He intended to go back to the farm and to his grandfather, but lost his way and for hours he wandered weeping and frightened on country roads.
It was only yesterday," said George, "as I was busy loading stones into a cart, that young Mas'r Tom stood there, slashing his whip so near the horse that the creature was frightened.
I'm sorry I frightened you out of your favorite stamping ground," he said rather aimlessly.
We were together two Sundays, and I'm sure I wasn't frightened of Bob, or you.
Nervous and frightened, at the same time fascinated, Saxon hemstitched a linen handkerchief intended for Billy and listened to Mercedes' wild flow of speech.
I am frightened," Saxon quavered huskily, with a half-sob of nervousness.
If you please, sir, I'm in a hurry,' faltered Dolly, 'and--you have frightened me by coming so suddenly upon me, sir--I would rather go, sir, if you'll be so good as to let me.
You have only frightened us -you have told us nothing.
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