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an architectural ornament consisting of a horizontal sculptured band between the architrave and the cornice

a heavy woolen fabric with a long nap

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It contained one of the precious stockings; and half opening it, I revealed to Sylvia's astonished eyes the cunning little frieze of Bacchus and Ariadne, followed by a troop of Satyrs and Bacchantes, which the artist had designed to encircle one of the white columns of that little marble temple which sat before me.
"What's the matter with the old man attending to him personally'?" said a voice from the frieze ulster.
The man in the frieze coat raised his arms and shouted:
The friezes ornamented with arabesques, and the pediments which crowned the pilasters, conferred richness and grace on every part of the building, while the domes which surmounted the whole added proportion and majesty.
He had availed himself, in this heavy undertaking, of the experience of a certain wandering eastern mechanic, who, by exhibiting a few soiled plates of English architecture, and talking learnedly of friezes, entablatures, and particularly of the composite order, had obtained a very undue influence over Richard’s taste in everything that pertained to that branch of the fine arts.
"As we are only documenting these works, we have not even tried to install this work here at the fair," chanted a pair of perfectly enchanting children as I entered the booth belonging to the Wrong Gallery at the inaugural Frieze fair back in 2003.
Among them are images of the famous Boro frieze that adorned the school hall wall, as well as pictures of the empty classrooms and buildings.
Happily for Frieze Masters (4-7 October), the centenary of the passing of the women's suffrage act in the UK chimes with one of the most dominant art market trends just now: a reassessment of female artists.
Imagine a wordless frieze, joined at the ends to form a circle of pages.
Denise Marray Frieze London 2017 saw some 160 galleries from 31 countries take part.
"Painting not as 'eye candy,'" she wrote, "but as a synergetic honey-trap for contemporary discourse." This statement, written a few years after Schor completed her multi-canvas work War Frieze, 1991-94, continues to resonate nearly twenty years later in her series "'Power' Frieze," 2016.
If you're heading to the festival chances are you'll easily spot the 140ft frieze featuring The King himself above an arcade of shops in the town.
If you're heading to the festival chances are you'll easily spot the 140ft frieze featuring The King So, what exactly can I expect from David has been raising funds for of Sinatra's Takeaway and a 25ft Mansel's Chippy banner.