friendly takeover

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a takeover that is welcomed by the management of the target company

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According to a press release, the goal of the friendly takeover bid would be to create a combined aluminum magnate, Rio Tinto Alcan.
owing to a friendly takeover bid for it by the Swedish truck maker, Nissan Diesel said Saturday.
The statement from NTL followed a report on a national newspaper's website, which said plans for a friendly takeover of ITV were due to be disclosed next week.
After five years of gradually liquidating portions of their holdings, the Roberts brothers sold the balance of their shares at $18.75, owing to a friendly takeover by Sprint Nextel.
In a somewhat surprising move, Constellation Brands, the world's largest wine company, and Vincor International, Inc., reached an agreement on a $1.52 billion friendly takeover. Vincor, Canada's largest wine company, had heatedly rejected a Constellation takeover bid last December.
The world's biggest wine company first made an unsolicited bid in the same amount for Vincor last month, urging Vincor to negotiate a friendly takeover by Oct.
In fall 2001, Pennsylvania initiated a "friendly takeover" of the School District of Philadelphia and embarked upon what at the time was characterized as the "largest-scale privatization of public schools ever undertaken." Under the guidance of a School Reform Commission comprising members appointed by the governor and the mayor of Philadelphia, the district solicited proposals and subsequently selected seven private managers to operate 45 poorly performing schools.
A spokesman for influential supporters group Shareholders United said: ``We reject any notion of a so-called friendly takeover of United by Malcolm Glazer, Cubic Expression and others that has been rumoured in the Press.
503 US 79 (1992)--denying deductions for banking and legal fees incurred to Facilitate a friendly takeover offer--gave rise to concerns that the IRS would seek to curtail current deductibility of other types of business expenses that could be viewed as creating more than an incidental future benefit.
Last month all but three of the company's 16 board members voted to recommend a sweetened Sanofi offer to their shareholders, an endorsement that facilitated the friendly takeover. Sanofi's board had agreed to raise its offer to offset the competing Novartis bid, adjusting the cash portion from $10.9 billion to $19 billion.
said Friday it has completed a friendly takeover by raising its stake in Matsushita Electric Works Co.
The latest revision of the CAP also removes product delays and reduction of interoperability with third-party products as refund triggers, both of which Oracle had claimed could happen even after a friendly takeover.
Can they pay the prices required and can they keep making friendly takeovers? Every one of theirs has been a friendly takeover, but can they keep doing it?
An easyJet shareholders meeting next week is expected to approve the friendly takeover of Go, to create Europe's biggest lowcost carrier.
This increase is due in large part to a rise in production of hydrocarbons, stemming primarily from the friendly takeover at the beginning of the year of Lasmo, which contributed Euro 116 million to operating profits (although an extraordinary charge of Euro 78 million linked to the acquisition will need to be included in final results).