friendly fire

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fire that injures or kills an ally


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The Indian air defence systems, mostly controlled by the IAF, purportedly have inbuilt safeguards to identify and distinguish between friend and foe and if friendly fire is found to be the reason behind the crash, "this would mean breach in multiple layers of safeguards", according to the report.It may be mentioned here that the families of those killed in the crash have been promised answers within ten to 15 days.
(We are looking at the angle here that friendly fire may have hit Tatayon, although based on Crime Laboratory results, the bullet that hit Tatayon came from the suspect's gun.)
Grilling Sharma further the journalist pressed forward that media reports suggest the constable died due to 'friendly fire', to which the BSF Director General submitted that there was too much confusion, no one can say for certain which direction the gunfire came from or who fired upon the constable.
While 'friendly fire' incidents involving foreign coalition forces are a volatile issue in Afghanistan, UN statistics show that the Taliban are responsible for most deaths.
The plane was shot down on July 22by friendly fire as Greek Cypriot soldiers mistook it for a hostile aircraft.
officials said the coalition airstrike was 33 km away from the area where the alleged friendly fire incident occurred.
In June last year the High Court ruled claims for negligence could be made over the friendly fire incident, as well as by relatives of Private Lee Ellis, who died in the bomb attack.
HORRIFIC INCIDENT Patrol base Almas after the friendly fire incident which claimed the life of Christopher Roney TERRIBLE TRAGEDIES Corporal Lee Brownson tried to save Lance Corporal Christopher Roney, pictured right with son William
However, the press release did not give more details in the so- called "friendly fire" incident, saying "An ISAF Joint Command incident assessment team is looking into the incident.
Summary: Israeli army confirms one soldier killed, four others wounded in a case of "friendly fire" along tense buffer zone.
On 22 April 2004, Corporal Patrick Tillman was killed in action in Afghanistan as a result of friendly fire. The controversial death of the Army Ranger, who had given up a lucrative career in professional football to join the Army, generated widespread media interest, military and congressional investigations, books, and most recently a documentary.
According to Sky News, Philippine justice secretary Leila de Lima said bullet trajectories and the hostages' wounds indicate that some of the passengers may have been hit by "friendly fire".
AN NAHAR's columnist Rajeh Khoury criticized politicians trying to downplay Tuesday's bloody clashes between gunmen of the powerful Shiite group Hizbullah and those of the Sunni fundamentalist Islamic Charitable Projects Party, also known as Al-Ahbash, by describing it as an "isolated incident" or "friendly fire." The clashes in the Beirut neighborhood of Burj Abi Haidar left three people dead and 11 wounded.
The Afghan ambassador to the UN, Zahir Tanin, told the UN Security Council that more needs to be done to prevent civilian deaths and incidents of "friendly fire" in his country.
A BRITISH soldier killed by a grenade in Afghanistan earlier survived a hugely controversial fatal US "friendly fire" attack in Iraq, it emerged.
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