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Synonyms for friendliness

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Synonyms for friendliness

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Antonyms for friendliness

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Magic can be found in the flickering light, in the warmth of the fire, and in the friendliness of gathering together in a small circle of security.
The results show that the physician executives were significantly more likely to use the strategies of reason and friendliness when influencing a subordinate who communicates in an attractive than in an unattractive style.
Lexington's highest category ranking among top 10 counties was second in paycheck friendliness at 33.13%.
However, making a decent living seems to be even more challenge than making friends in Ireland, the results of the study's Personal Finance Index show, which places Ireland in 65th place out 20 Where the country was ranked in friendliness section of the survey x hn of 67 countries.
Summary: Consumer Friendliness Index aims to promote customer satisfaction through fostering healthy competition
Juma Al Majid Automobiles took the top spot in the Consumer Friendliness Index 2013, the Department of Economic Development (DED) announced on Tuesday.
Washington, Dec 3 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that children who do not receive enough love from their mothers during early stages of life are more likely to develop a behavior called "indiscriminate friendliness".
Heider and Skowronski (2007) reported results from two experiments: Study 1 examined whether the IAT predicted cooperative responses in a Prisoner's Dilemma Game (PDG) with white versus black partners; Study 2 examined whether the IAT predicted the friendliness of interactions with black and white confederates.
Everywhere I have been, either at theACC or elsewhere in Liverpool, the friendliness of everyone I have come into contact with has been exceptional.
Luton scored just one out of 10 for staff friendliness and only one out of 10 for security check-in time.
When choosing materials for the playground the Finstock community's key concerns were safety, reliability and environmental friendliness. To meet these requirements they chose Trex Wood-Polymer[R] decking and railing for all the main contact surfaces, including decking, handrails, seats, walkways, and other key exposed surfaces.
Natural Welsh friendliness is giving Wales the edge when it comes to customer service - despite many major companies failing to promote it properly.
RAFAEL BENITEZ called for 'friendliness' between the fans of CSKA Sofia and Liverpool following Michael Shields' conviction for attempted murder in Bulgaria.
Waterborne polyurethane systems, ideal candidates for the new hardener, are also becoming increasingly popular because of their environmental friendliness, according to the company.