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being without friends

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The Saudis are in a state of panic all around - from its OPEC status and dwindling reserves to its proxy wars that absolutely cannot turn into full-fledged wars and its growing friendlessness.
So too, many of the vignettes she presents about his early life not only expose aspects of his nascent psychopathy, but also accentuate his friendlessness, his perversity (he deliberately leaves the bathroom door open while he masturbates), and his lack of charisma or character.
He forecast what disclosure would bring: gloom, silence, marriage breakdown, friendlessness.
bodies through the standard acidity and friendlessness into dune shadows
Barnardo describes the boy repeatedly in terms of lack: Jim is "hungry," "utterly homeless," "friendless" (2), "less qualified" because of his tender age "to resist the pressure of cold, hunger, nakedness, friendlessness, and fierce temptation" (3), "small, spare, stunted" (8), "without either shirt, shoes, or stockings" (8), "ill-prepared" to "resist the inclement weather" (10), fatherless, motherless (14), and "thirsting for knowledge" of God (19).
Prospective relations among victimization, rejection, friendlessness, and children's self- and peer-perceptions.
The immigrant, because of his frequent friendlessness and ignorance of English, is an easy victim of any form of police corruption or violence.