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Synonyms for fried

cooked by frying in fat


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L to R: Bill Elder, RXR Realty; Suzy Reingold; Meyer Last, Fried Frank LLP; Herb Streng, Orda Management Corporation
org/) Chef Point CafAaAaAeA@ , Fort Worth, Texas: Th serve fried chicken with roast potatoes and fries.
Using a special cooking process, the chicken pieces are baked and fried at the same time to make it juicier and healthier.
The State Fair of Texas is home to the deep fried margarita, from Desperados, a Mexican restaurant in Dallas, and deep fried beer.
Texture measurements for the fried yam slices were performed at room temperature (25[degrees]C).
Hexanal levels in aged tortilla chips fried in SBO were significantly higher than levels found in chips fried in any of the other oils.
We learned from a very helpful waitress that although the menu offers a plate of two fried cod tacos ($8.
The company also makes fries for privately-held Burger King and Yum Brands' Kentucky Fried Chicken, as well as other foodservice operators.
I rarely eat fried food, but when I do, am I better off eating it home-cooked rather than in a restaurant?
Michael Fried, Menzel's Realism: Art and Embodiment in Nineteenth-Century Berlin.
Most meals feature red meat and cheese (saturated fat), fried potatoes (trans fat), and a soft drink (sugar).
VEGETARIAN: chile con queso, cheese nachos, vegetable fajita, vegetable quesadilla, Mexican fried ice cream, apple chimi
Fried fish, tempura, potatoes in general, hail from a distant place and time.
Fried, having fun means making plastic products no one else can make--or not as economically--using his own patented vibrational molding process.
French speakers call the fried potato sticks "frites," "pommes frites" or "patates frites.