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a refrigerator in which the coolant is pumped around by an electric motor

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The Fridge was invited to be a part of Alserkal Avenue, the arts district of Al Quoz.
Similarly, the confirmed fridge locations in Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Village Circle include Lotus Park Townhouses, Villa 9, JVC; Indigo Villa 7 JVC; District 11, Sunset Garden Villa 7, JVC; 5 Mulberry Mansions, District 13, Street 2, JVC and Milestone Supermarket (Inside), JVT and 9E, Villa 26, JVT.
It wasn't long before I ran out of space on my fridge and freezer.
We thought the last thing we would see in the fridge of a former 240-pound 21-year-old French-Filipino cook-turned-triathlete is unhealthy food.
A case study on the sharing fridge initiative by the Institute of Management (Dubai) is also going to be published in academic journals.
On the gallery floor Fridge Art Fair hits the ground running.
The drive is now being run by Ms Bailey and Feed the Need administrator Elizabeth Dadd, who are both Australians, with fridges being filled by more than 50 regular contributors.
Google changed its calendar API, which the fridge uses to communicate with Google's service, which means the RF4289HARS model in question needed an update to restore access.
The glass front of the two metre tall fridge broke and spread large shards of thick glass in the deeper water below the bridge, where boats launch and children play in the summer.
Tony, 50, from Hebburn, who has completed the Great North Run 30 times with his current fridge, said it would be so expensive to ship it over the the states he will buy one there.
I need to make sure that I'll be covered for six months, so I'm selling loads of my things, like the fridge and my car and all my jewellery.
For this reason, it may come as no surprise that one in ten Brits (10%) forget the food they have bought until they discover it has gone off at the back of their fridge.
In my case, it's a visit from environmental health, as I'm sure I have Parmesan in the back of my fridge that pre–dates Devolution.
The fridge can then use the database to recommend cocktail recipes with the items available, and it even warns users if food is about to go out of date.
On closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the fridge is not, in fact, breaking the rules at all.