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Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

a state of conflict between persons


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the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another

effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

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The (theoretical) relationship of frictional vacancy and equilibrium vacancy to market vacancy is demonstrated in Exhibit 3.
The magnitude of frictional force can be increased by increasing the magnitude of the force of attraction between steel plates.
We have also estimated the frictional heating as recently suggested by Gilbert and Giacomin [19], using their equation (42).
The case for flash heating is buttressed by the discovery of rocks that seem to have undergone frictional melting, generically called frictionites, or pseudotachylites, along faults and associated with some rock slides, Singer says.
Contracting constraints and frictional cost differences, however, can motivate the segregation of collateral.
Frictional resistances in stainless steel bracket-wire combinations with effects of vertical deflections.
b to d, the average frictional moment resistance is about 2.
Having been specifically engineered and manufactured to reduce frictional moment, energy efficient bearings combine a series of design enhancements in a number of crucial areas.
In both cases, it is important to be able to characterize and control the frictional behaviour in order to assure a good performance of the system.
The studies of flow boiling pressure drop characteristics indicate that the presence of oil always increases the flow boiling frictional pressure drop of R410A, and the maximum pressure drop enhancement can reach 120% for smooth tubes.
A little later mankind invented the wheel to reduce frictional drag when carrying goods.
The scientists show how frictional strength evolves from extremely short to long time scales.
The contact problems are characterized by being highly non-linear and nondifferentiable and many studies have been carried out on the frictional contact problems for several decades and it is one of the most difficult problem to handle.
The rotating motion generates minor frictional resistance allowing for fluffy or intermittent materials to be bonded.
Experimental studies indicate that the two-phase frictional pressure drop can be predicted using Lockhart and Martinelli (1949)/modified Lockhart-Martinelli parameter or developed empirical correlation.