friction tape

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a water-resistant adhesive tape used to insulate exposed electrical conductors

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Since the foot plate is smooth, I had to add friction tape to keep my feet from slipping off.
In fashion for a while, friction tape has fallen out of use.
Don't use friction tape, such as tennis racket tape or gauze tape.
Item NSN TL-636 5970-00-685-9059 black electrical tape TL-600 5970-01-262-3189 white electrical tape (for cold weather) TL-83 friction tape 5970-00-644-3167 TL-29 pocket knife 5110-00-240-5943 TL-13 pliers 5120-00-239-8254 TL-13 pliers with skinners 5120-00-247-2063 CS-34 tool carrier 5140-00-498-8898 MK-356 splicing sleeve 5940-00-818-1774 MK-356 crimper tool 5120-00-679-2380 U1R splice 5940-00-935-8262 Crimper 5120-01-421-3979
The original Magna stocks had been given several layers of friction tape to make them larger and over the years the tape and the wood had literally bonded and it was necessary to cut the tape to remove the stocks.
He said one might also need a roll of duct tape since friction tape was hard to find these days.