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lighter consisting of a thin piece of wood or cardboard tipped with combustible chemical

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THE North East has a proud history of innovation, from being the birthplace of the railways to the region that sparked such inventions as the friction match.
People in Stockton believed they had been commemorating the inventor of the friction match since 1977 with a bust in the town centre.
Cllr Wilburn said: "This year's festival was the first to be held in our newly refurbished high street and costs include a one-off PS150,000 spend to commission a new Instant Light show, which tells the story of Stockton as the town in which the friction match was invented.
INNOVATION has been at the heart of North East economy for centuries, with Swan's light bulb, Walker's friction match and Stephenson's Rocket all being created in this region.
Until the invention of the friction match in the 1830s, households needed to maintain a constant fire rather than continually having to lay and kindle one for cooking and hot water.
It starts with the historic fact of John Walker's invention of the friction match and weaves through it the magic of the circus to create a mythical version of how the festival might have come about.
Instant Light brings together the talents of storyteller Sara Maitland, Newcastle-based dance company BALLETLORENT and a circus troupe to tell of a love affair inspired by the local invention of the friction match.
She is also the author of this story imagining 19th Century chemist John Walker, inventor of the friction match, and his fateful meeting with a circus performer called Vesta on Stockton High Street.
The Instant Light story continues on Friday and Saturday with "Love Struck", the story of the meeting of John Walker and Vesta from the circus and the invention of the friction match.
15) and its claims of a "lack of interest" in relation to Stockton's railway heritage and the town's connection with the likes of friction match inventor, John Walker.